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Our Schools Must Re-Open Safely

Too many of our at-risk students have fallen behind in the last year due to COVID-related school closures. We need to get our children back for full-day school, five days a week, as quickly and safely as possible.

The Status Quo is Not Working for Us

Powerful special interests are putting politics ahead of what’s truly best for our students. Children aren’t learning the things most important to their futures because social agendas are coming first. Jeanette Schade will advocate for a quality education that emphasizes the essentials and sets students up for success.

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Building Back Basics

Our schools need to focus on areas like reading, writing and arithmetic instead of controversial areas like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE).

All Student Career Paths Matter

For far too long, public education bureaucrats have tried a one-size-fits-all approach that has failed our children. Our schools need to emphasize the many different career paths that students may take, including fields in Career and Technical Education (CTE). Not every student is bound for a four-year university, and we need to work with those who plan to attend community college or learn hands-on skills for blue-collar occupations.

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