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Let me ask you—As a parent, are you comfortable with the idea of your pre-teen children being taught about topics like masturbation without your knowledge or approval? Do you think that this is appropriate for younger students, like those who are in kindergarten? What if I told you this is already happening here in Oregon and in our local school district?

Parents throughout Beaverton keep telling me about what they would like to see our schools do differently. Throughout those conversations, many of the same topics keep coming up over and over again. One of them is Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

Although it’s long been controversial, the ways in which sexual education is taught in our public schools has changed considerably in the past few decades.

When sex ed was first introduced, it was taught as part of health and wellness classes. It was science-based, with an emphasis on biology. And most importantly, it was taught to students who were already going through puberty, or about to start. Parents who did not feel comfortable with their children being taught these subjects outside of their family setting, were able to have them excused from those classes.

Now, all these years later, CSE has changed to the point of being unrecognizable from what it was originally intended to be. All indications are that it’s being done more for the sake of social engineering and influencing and indoctrinating our children to believe what adults with agendas want them to. That’s just wrong.

There’s a big difference between providing information to middle schoolers about the changes their bodies are going through and trying to provide sexually explicit materials to kindergarteners and other young elementary school students.

Another point of concern for myself and the other parents I talk to is that much of the same explicit content is being integrated into other classes and subjects. This means that even if parents withhold consent for their children to be taught CSE, they will be exposed to it through other means. Parents have every reason to be unhappy about this apparent end-run around their desires for how their children should, and shouldn’t, be taught in our taxpayer-funded schools.

I have some firsthand experience when it comes to how CSE is taught in schools. This is due to the more than two decades that I’ve spent in the classroom as a teacher for students of all K-12 age groups.

One of the books that I was supposed to share with students depicted a rape and had other highly sexualized content of questionable appropriateness. I was sufficiently concerned to bring it up to the district’s English department. The offensive content was pulled from our curriculum.

However, if I hadn’t brought it up, those students would have been exposed to it, with their parents never being any the wiser. What makes it even worse is that two of the teachers on my team failed to see what my objections were. They would have taught it, no questions asked.

The Beaverton School District adopted CSE curriculum a few years back, although it was called something else at the time. Based on what I’m hearing from parents throughout the school district, they have had very little input as to how it’s taught, and they want that to change.

These are some of the biggest reasons I’m running for Beaverton School District Board of Directors, Zone 1. Controversial issues like critical race theory and CSE are being forced upon our children, with parents and their input being ignored in the process.

Our schools should be teaching basic, fundamental skills like reading, writing and math, not promoting potential pornography to innocent young children.

As your next school board member, I intend to be an avid voice for parents, to make sure those kinds of concerns are actually acted upon instead of being brushed aside or swept under the rug.

  1. Mike Sears says:

    Dear Jeanette;
    I meet you at the ORP meeting and am wishing that I took your information. As Chairman of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee, the issue came to our last committee meeting from the parents of two school districts within Tillamook county. Each school board refuses to share class plans and content and uses isolation to avoid face to face confrontation. We have another meeting this week and am going to try to increase the number of those who join the online meetings with the hope to get the school boards attention. I was a school board member and chair, I know how the battles can appear. Take strength from knowing the importance of the stands you take.

  2. Randy Hawkinson says:

    One of the reported objections to our new normal remote Zoom schooling is that some children have found their way to “skip class” and seek extra curricular sexual education by turning off their cameras and microphones and heading to free “sex ed’ classes offered on many other platforms. This is just one of many reasons I want our schools back to full time, in class teaching. Unfortunately, the California teachers union own our dear Governor Gavin Newsence, and get back to the class room anytime soon is completely out of the question. “Why teach when I’m being paid to take a vacation to Puerto Viarta, as long as I don’t post my photos on Facebook?” I see these same derelicts as those that would have no problem teaching little 7 year old Bobby how to diddle little 6 year old Debbie out behind the portables; and like it. I want these creeps fired! But, yes. We must, first, crush this Ultra Liberal view that a 5 year old is ready to understand what mom and dad do after the children go to bed!

  3. John Bugni says:

    I heard you story on Glenn Beck. I applaud your standing up and doing something about and for your courage. I live in Corvallis and see Oregon heading down the wrong path. I will be praying for you and your protection.

  4. Cheri Kluesener says:

    I just learned about Jeanette thru the Glenn beck podcast
    My dog in this fight is the future of America
    I’m in Florida
    I have 7 grandchildren in the public school system.
    I hope I never have to be a Jeanette here
    So far, my Governor and my school board have successfully kept crt and cse out of our public schools

    So I want her to win and defeat this garbage before it spreads even further than it has
    Portland and Seattle seem to be the trend setters of culture
    Stand strong and may God Bless America

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