April 29, 2021

Parents Need to Push Back on Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Curious school boy raise his hand to ask a teacher about subject he don't understand-cm

Let me ask you—As a parent, are you comfortable with the idea of your pre-teen children being taught about topics like masturbation without your knowledge or approval? Do you think that this is appropriate for younger students, like those who are in kindergarten? What if I told you this is already happening here in Oregon and in our local school…

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March 2, 2021

Public Education’s True Purpose

Jeanette Schade-cm

Life has given me multiple perspectives over the years when it comes to education. At one point, I myself was a student. I can still remember what that experience looks like through the eyes of our eager and idealistic youth. In fact, I was even a member of the first-ever cohort at the Oregon State University’s Cascade campus in Bend…

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