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As I meet voters while campaigning for Beaverton School District Board of Directors, Zone 1, they often ask why I’m running for this unpaid, volunteer position.

It never takes long for me to answer: I’m running because I’m concerned about what our children are being taught inside of the classroom.

Parents are frustrated, and they have every right to be.

Many of the parents I talk with tell me about the frustrations they have with the education system. They’re worried that their children could graduate without the skills they need to succeed in life. It seems to them that basic essentials like reading, writing, and math are being replaced by instructions with a very clear social agenda. One clear example of this is Critical Race Theory (CRT).

We need to know what is being taught to our kids.

To better understand the way this controversial topic is being taught in our schools, all you have to do is to go this website. When you realize that this website is being used by teachers all across the nation, and even here in our local school district, you get a clear understanding of why so many parents are questioning the appropriateness of this curriculum.

Critical Race Theory is extremely destructive.

A stated goal of this program is the destruction of the traditional family. “We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for each other,”one section of the website states.

This proposed critical race theory curriculum has a stated goal of “racial justice in education” that includes the promotion of “globalism” and “collective value.” Teachers are being taught how to integrate these radical social ideas into subjects like math and science. Students are individuals who have individual needs and identities, not a “collective” as CRT would have you believe.

Other proposed lessons include Queer Organizing, Transgender Day of Remembrance and Trans Day of Resilience. Yet, another key agenda of these critical race theory programs is the elimination of school resource officers.

This is dividing our children, not educating them.

It isn’t just parents who are concerned about all of this. I recently encountered a group of middle and high school students while campaigning, most of whom were of color, and spoke with them about their experiences in education. They specifically mentioned critical race theory, and the feeling that they’re being told what to think instead of how to think. That really stuck with me as it showed me students know something is wrong with what they are being taught. They want their voices heard, but feel silenced to speak out against the indoctrination they are experiencing out of fear of being called a “racist” or they have to “check their white thinking”.  

We have an obligation to stand up to this.

The bottom line is that powerful special interest groups are using peoples’ genuine concerns about race relations to push a larger social agenda on students they think are unsuspecting of their true motives and intentions. But based on what I’m hearing directly from parents, students, and reading on the websites used to provide information on this curriculum to teachers, I think more people are becoming aware of that agenda and starting to resist it.

Those same special interest groups are able to direct large amounts of money to campaigns, including school board races, even though it’s an obvious conflict of interest. Their voice becomes so amplified that it often drowns out those of parents and students.

A necessary voice for common sense.

I’m running for Beaverton School District Board of Directors, Zone 1 to give those parents and students a louder voice. I intend to use it to ensure that what our children are being taught is appropriate and helps them become productive adults who have the skills to function in society. 

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  1. Sarah Walters says:

    I am ready to take my kids out of public school. My children are being taught opinions and not how to formulate their own. In fact, we fear that our children voicing their own opinion will result in a lower grade or possibly failing, not because of writing quality but because of opposing the opinion of the teacher. For example, a friend of my high schooler was given a writing assignment topic: “The achievements of President Biden, and why President Trump should have been impeached.” My son is already stressing over what he would write if he were to get the same assignment.
    Also, we have heard him being asked how he came to know what gender he is, at 14. This is very offensive to our religious understanding of gender and is not what we choose to teach our children. It’s sad and very frustrating that we don’t have a say in what they are being taught in these areas we feel so strongly about.

  2. Mathew David Peckinpah says:

    Jeanette Schade I am in!! CRT is vile and racist and must be fought along with all the other WOKE inanity. How can I help??? In addition, Howard Zinn is also a huge problem.

  3. Judy Forsberg says:

    Fully support your candidacy and back to basics . Thanks for standing up for our children.

  4. Debbie Medeiros says:

    I do not in any way agree with what is being taught in school these days. They need to learn the basics, like math, reading ect not all this other agenda thats happening. I thank god that my kids are grown now otherwise i would have to home school.

  5. Sandra J Swaan says:

    Do not arouse or awaken love until the time is right. THIS IS IMPERATIVE. I have pledged my support to your campaign and prayers of prospering you and protection surrounding all connections to you and your family. Blessings and Love, Sandra

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